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The Econimist: Sänkta ränteavdrag börjar bli "möjliga" i Sverige för att finansiera flyktingmottagandet - och bostadsbubblan blir officella orsaken

"Politicians at least seem to be warming to the idea of cutting mortgage-interest relief, partly because they are looking for money to pay for the influx of refugees. But for the most part, measures to slow the property boom seem politically unpalatable. “People feel rich today thanks to these crazy prices,” says one member of parliament. “Nobody wants to be the one who breaks the spell.”
Politicians and regulators also know that any measure that obliges Swedes to spend more of their income on deposits or mortgage payments would be a drag on consumption, and thus a blow to an already fragile economy. “Ideally, I’d like to have something in my toolkit with which I could influence the housing market and nothing else,” says Henrik Braconier of the FI, “but up to now I have not found it.”"
The Econimist

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